Monday, April 2, 2007

Martha Coakley - How Much is She Costing the Massachusetts Taxpayer?

Found this comment in response to a post wondering why Martha Coakley is pursuing the felony case against Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens.

This is Martha Coakley's usual approach -- never admit a mistake, find some scapegoat to prosecute, and ignore all appeals to justice, common sense, or sanity. And now she gets to do it state-wide instead of just in Middlesex County.

What happened to the people who designed the LED signs? Martha Coakley decided not to arrest or prosecute them. What about the people who decided that the signs should be placed on bridges? No arrest, no prosecution. What about the guy who placed a fake pipe bomb at a hospital that same day? No arrest, no prosecution. It's insane, and it's absolutely typical Martha Coakley.

Makes you wonder. There's been a whole bunch of fuss about the costs that the city and state had to pay ON the date of the fiasco, but how much money has been spent SINCE the fiasco? How much are Massachusetts taxpayers paying every day as Coakley et al pursue this case? How many threats to society are being kept out of Charlestown Court as this case is occupying valuable space? Perhaps the taxpayers of Massachusetts may start to get a little curious.


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