Thursday, April 5, 2007

He wore a toupee?

I couldn't find my story of Howard Cosell running into various Miami Dolphins at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, so I ended up looking up Cosell's AmIAnnoying entry instead.

Why he might be annoying

He wore a toupee.
He smoked cigars.
At times, he drank heavily.
He once was the commentator for a Monday Night Game where he was so drunk, the network had to take him off the air.

THAT'S what they thought made Cosell annoying? No mention of his delivery? His ego? His views? I think that most Cosell-haters don't really care about his hair situation.

For 2007, as of last week, Out of 20 Votes: 50.0% Annoying
In 2006, Out of 212 Votes: 56.13% Annoying
In 2005, Out of 310 Votes: 57.10% Annoying
In 2004, Out of 435 Votes: 59.77% Annoying
In 2003, Out of 685 Votes: 61.90% Annoying
In 2002, Out of 79647 Votes: 23.94% Annoying
In 2001, Out of 4392 Votes: 64.78% Annoying

I'm not sure why his annoyingness went down so dramatically when people voted in large numbers.


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