Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another comment on Imusgate

Quoting David Byrne, "That's what I call it."

Roggin and Simers Squared got into a discussion during their sports radio show this morning, and Tracy Simers made an interesting point on racism vs. sexism. Although both were cited in the Imus incident, the comments primarily weigh in on the racism issue. However (and I can't find a link for this), when Jim Rome apparently referred to someone as a skank, he was not similarly criticized for a sexist remark.

So the conclusion was that you can make a sexist comment, as long as you don't couple it with a racist comment.

Well, maybe. On March 31, 2006, Media Matters detailed how Rush Limbaugh referred to the Duke University accuser as a ho. (Charges were recently dropped by the way, so if the accuser sells her story, the epithet may be appropriate.)

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