Monday, April 30, 2007

20070409 Mix CD

While testing a new drive, I created a mix CD on April 9 of this month, leaning toward loud stuff. I was going to write about each of the songs on this CD, but I subsequently realized that I've already written about a lot of these songs in the past. Here's the CD, along with links to some of my previous meanderings on these here tunes and/or artists.

  • 01 - Disco Dancer (12" Version), Devo (see Ontario Empoblog, 1 April 2004 - also see Freedom of Choice, currently inaccessible)

  • 02 - One Minute Warning, Passengers (don't think I've discussed them in the past few years)

  • 03 - The Guns of Brixton, Clash (see Ontario Empoblog, 8 Abril 2005 - and no, I don't know what motivated me to write that post in Spanish)

  • 04 - Electric Barbarella (edit), Duran Duran (see KOER Synthetica Radio Transcripts, 3 September 2004)

  • 05 - Heartland, The The with Astarti String Orchestra (see Ontario Empoblog, 6 October 2005)

  • 06 - Venus Is Hell/Overlords, Stan Ridgway (see Ontario Empoblog, 23 December 2004 for a discussion of Ridgway's earlier work)

  • 07 - Memories Can't Wait (studio version), Talking Heads (see KOER Synthetica Radio Transcripts, 24 November 2003 for some thoughts on David Byrne)

  • 08 - Where the Streets Have No Name, U2 (surprisingly, I don't think I've ever written about this song either)

  • 09 - Suffer Well, Depeche Mode (see Ontario Empoblog, 23 January 2006)

  • 10 - Natural Blues, Moby (see KOET Synthetica Television Transcripts, 2 December 2006)

  • 11 - Today (Watch Me Shine), Everlast with Bronx Style Bob (see Ontario Empoblog, 8 October 2005)

  • 12 - Binky the Doormat, R.E.M. (see Ontario Empoblog, the entire month of January 2004)

  • 13 - Destroy Everything You Touch, Ladytron (see KOET Synthetica Television Transcripts, 10 November 2006)

In retrospect, it's interesting that Brian Eno was involved with three of these songs, but that I didn't put any of his solo work on the CD. "St. Elmo's Fire" would have been good (no, not the song from the Brat Pack movie - the song with Fripp).

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