Saturday, March 17, 2007

Opie Cunningham, please take me home

While unsuccessfully searching for a transcript of Raheem Abdul Mohammed's editorial on quotas for inclusion of white basketball players (this was as close as I got), I found this Ron Howard interview by Eddie Murphy as Raheem. Excerpts below.

Raheem Abdul Mohammed: It's good to have you here, man. Look, tell me somethin'. What was it like workin' on the "Andy Griffith Show"?

Ron Howard: Well, I tell you those were great years, but I'd really rather talk about my directing career right now....

Raheem Abdul Mohammed: You got a daughter?

Ron Howard: Yeah. Oh yeah.

Raheem Abdul Mohammed: Wow, man. I just can't picture little Opie Cunningham doin' it. I can't picture nobody wantin' to do it with little Opie Cunningham neither.

Ron Howard: Well actually, Raheem, I've done it a lot of times.

Raheem Abdul Mohammed: [grinning] Wow, Opie Cunningham, a sex machine. You know, if you didn't shave that--if you shave that mustache off your face, you would still look exactly like Opie Cunningham. That's why you grew it, right? 'Cause people walk up to you on the street and say "Hey, Opie Cunningham," right?

Plus, this is the episode in which the Clash performed "Straight to Hell." Classic.


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