Saturday, March 17, 2007

Miss Club Paris USA

Finally, some stuff was scheduled to occur with this long-awaited contest. The following item ran on March 9.

Lucky us, the Club Paris audition to possibly be in the actual audition on TV for a possible reality show, The Replacement for Miss Club Paris USA, is taking place at Club Paris in downtown Orlando tonight and tomorrow. Confused? Owner Fred Khalilian wants Orlando to be the first city to have the casting call on TV. However, he must prove to the TV execs that Orlando has enough beautiful women to make the cut. What's a club owner to do? If you even care, head over to the club tonight or tomorrow, and you could be chosen to audition for a possible show that will audition girls to be the next Club Paris girl. Wow, my head hurts.

Contrast this with earlier reports, which I talked about 2 1/2 months ago.

The owner of Club Paris in downtown Orlando and the Jacksonville club says he owns the rights to the clubs' name. The only thing that will go are the picture's with Paris Hilton.

"The next thing is the replacement. Who are we going to replace her with? That is why we are doing a reality show with a major network," said club owner Fred Khalilian.

The nationwide search is already underway for Miss Club Paris USA. "I am not looking for miss perfect. We are a nightclub business, we are in the entertainment business, but, we want someone who will at least show up," added Khalilian.

Yes, picture American Idol meets Miss USA. The new reality show is called "The replacement."

At this rate, the show will debut by the end of the year. Maybe. On direct to video.


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