Monday, March 12, 2007

Mahree Bok mystery

You would think that the Web would contain all known information about an Emmy-winning show from a major network. But the questioner below could not get an answer to the question "What happened to Mahree Bok?"

The movie ended with Mahree back at home with a new attitude and appreciation for all human beings...but what I want to know is what really happend to Mahree. There have been rumors that she 1. never existed and was part of a fiction piece from the Dellum's daughter 2. existed (her real name was Carrie) and was never heard from again or 3. picking up from 2 was beaten and murdered at the age of 16.

Perhaps if I find the Piper Dellums story I'll find out more - or maybe not. One wonders why. (Of course, I'm still confused about why the story has a 2003 date, while the movie has a 2000 date.)

If you are scratching your head, this may (or may not) help:

Piper Dellums, daughter of Bay Area congressman Ron Dellums, describes the summer a South African exchange student came to live with the family in Washington, D.C. Expecting a Black South African, the family was shocked when a white girl arrived and treated them like servants until they both decided to learn from one another.



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Ontario Emperor said...

Whoops, I accidentally used the old hr style that I used to use in the Empoblog. Might as well leave it in, for old times' sake. (I am...I am retro.)

piper said...

hello dear...its Piper. Please, stop scratching your head...i can answer some of your questions. Contact me directly at
Much Love and Much PEACE

piper said...

Hello Ontario,
You have found me my dear, this is Piper. I can answer your questions. Contact me...stop scratching your head darling.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is when I watch this movie I still cry, and I am 27. This movie is so very touching, and whatever happen to Mahree (Carrie) is sad. She was a very brave young girl. If she died she died for something that was worth fighting for. If she lives she is happy to see the changes that have been made and happy to know she was part of those changes.