Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hope Deborah Gee Got a Spare Energy Dome

Alan Myers didn't hang up his drumsticks after leaving Devo.

Sonya: You mentioned at your website ( that you worked with Devo drummer, Alan Myers. Please tell our readers about how you met, and the band that you started together.

Deborah [Gee]: Alan and I met at my second gig ever. Yes, I did say second-- Anyway, he approached me after the gig and introduced himself. He offered to play drums or percussion for me if I liked. He said, "I think you have potential" (by the way, he gets embarrassed when I mention that!). I had no idea at that time that he had been the drummer for Devo. I played with him for a few months before I knew that.

That band also included Thomas Gallagher on guitar, who co-wrote some of the songs with me. Thomas and I are still writing together. That band played together for three years. It was my first serious band. I learned a lot from Alan. Alan and I are still good friends and occasionally work together. In fact, he played most of the percussion on Portal.


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