Thursday, March 1, 2007

The De-Evolution Will Not Be Televised

A couple of days ago, T. J. Simers and Fred Roggin were having a gentlemanly discussion about two items:

  • Simers' initial reluctance to discuss the Tommy Lasorda prostitution allegations (he later reconsidered).

  • Roggin's satisfaction at the fact that KNBC did not show the video of Shaun Livingston's injury.

Just to catch you up, here's the Lasorda story:

The client list police called a trick book of convicted Hollywood madam Jody Gibson ' s is about to become public, and lawsuits are already being threatened. Known as Babydol when she was arrested eight years ago, Gibson ' s autobiography published by Corona Books goes on sale Thursday, and some of the celebrities she names as clients are furious, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday. Secrets of a Hollywood SuperMadam reportedly names more than 20 celebrities she claims used the services of her California Dreamin' call girl service. Among them is former Los Angeles Dodgers Manager Tom Lasorda, who issued an angry denial statement through his lawyer.

And the Livingston story:

Livingston dislocated his left knee early in the first quarter of a 100-93 victory over Charlotte, but after an MRI on Tuesday, it was determined that he suffered several ligament tears. He tore the anterior cruciate ligament, posterior cruciate ligament, medial collateral ligament and lateral meniscus. Livingston also suffered a patella dislocation, in addition to the previously diagnosed tibia/femoral dislocation....

Dr. Steven Shimoyama put the kneecap back in place at the arena.

I'm just thankful that they didn't have video of Tommy Lasorda. That would be frightening.

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