Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Create your own blonde celebrity joke here

Britney won't be affected by this for a while, and Anna Nicole definitely won't be affected.

Acro Inc. has developed a groundbreaking device that instantly identifies peroxide-based explosives and is easily packaged into a portable kit for use by Security Personnel.

The Acro Inc. disposable Peroxide Explosive Tester (ACRO-P.E.T.) is based on a chemical process using several components whose combined effect is the immediate identification of peroxide-based explosives via a simple color-change reaction. The ACRO-P.E.T. is a disposable, pocket-sized device....


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annika said...

I've decided that the description "hot blonde" is redundant. When one says "blonde" the hot should be implied.

Ontario Emperor said...

This is not universally true. :)