Monday, February 12, 2007

On hating Mormons

Moving on to an anti-Mormon episode that DOESN'T involve Mitt Romney.

Denver Post columnist Woody Paige...apologized Thursday for a previous column that criticized Utah, Mormons and the Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

His Feb. 12 [2002] column was removed from the Denver Post Web site. Links to the story now prompt a "Page Cannot Be Found" error.

In his Tuesday column, headlined "Colorado real winner of Games" Paige was blunt in his criticism of the Utah Olympic venue proclaiming, "Salt Lake City has royally screwed up the Olympics."

He called the games a "massive Mormon marketing scheme" and said that young women were thrusting "Mormon literature at passersby."

He also took exception to Utah, in general, by writing "You wouldn't visit or vacation - or pause - here unless you had to."

Reaction was swift from Mormon officials.

Among other errors, spokesman for the Mormon Church said Paige was incorrect when he said women were passing out church literature at every Olympic venue.

"To the contrary, the literature being passed out is anti-Mormon," said Mike Otterson, director of media relations for the Mormon Church.

Presumably the Olympic venues were not private property.


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