Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More about Beanblossom or Bean Blossom

From Larry Yaeger.

Beanblossom is in beautiful Brown County, Indiana, where there's lots of trees, a lovely covered bridge, trees, streams and rivers, trees, the Bill Monroe Bluegrass Festival, trees, horses and cows and deer, trees, ducks and geese, trees, rabbits and wild turkeys, trees, that Great Blue Herron that stalks our lake from time to time, and, well, trees. Of course, there's also nearby Bloomington, home of Indiana University (IU), for all the music, bookstores, restaurants, intellectual stimulation, and culture one could crave. And, even closer, rustic Nashville, Indiana, with its high density of artists, was actually called the "Paris of the Mid-West" back in the 30's and 40's. It's a paradise in the Mid-West, but don't tell anybody.

Incidentally, the town's name is often shown as either Beanblossom or Bean Blossom. The research into the subject that I've seen suggests that it is more correctly spelled as the single-word form, Beanblossom. Basically, it was named after a river that was named after a person. That person's last name was Beanblossom. So the town's name is actually Beanblossom, although you'll often see it written Bean Blossom in some seemingly official places, including the local (county) paper and ads for the Bill Monroe Museum and Festival.

I live in Southern California. What's a tree?


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