Wednesday, February 21, 2007

He really died on stage...he really died...

If you participate in American Idol, Simon may yell at you. If you participate in Indian Idol, you might get killed.

Indian Idol is facing militant problems in Jammu and Kashmir....

[T]he youth in Kashmir have been warned by militant group Al-Madina to refrain from participating in the show.

Al-Madina has threatened to kill anyone who will take part in the show.

"We appeal to boys and girls of Kashmir not to participate in the talent hunt of the Sony television", an Al-Madina spokesman, Abu Sadiq, told news organisations.

He said no leniency would be shown against those who defy the ban on the show imposed by the outfit.

But it's not just Indian Idol that upsets Al-Madina.

In May 2006. al-Madina was one of several militant groups to call for a ban on cable broadcasting in the Kashmir region. In a joint statement, the groups threatened suicide attacks against television stations if broadcasts did not cease, and claimed that the programming was a “Zionist conspiracy… to dissuade Muslim youth from Islam.” Although many stations bowed to the threats, opposition and non-participation from many major militant groups such as Hizbul Mujahideen has muted much of the ban’s impact.

Well, I'm certain that Ralph Nader would successfully promote freedom of information out there.


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