Thursday, February 15, 2007

The fun of the unsupported bug fix

Still waiting for some definitive official information on an MSN Photos Server fix. As an example of what I've found instead, look at this (emphasis mine).

Author: Luis [msn]
Date: Dec 23, 2006 01:39


sorry to hear your having problems with photo e-mail, please run this patch
this is actually a bug in the software. '

and run it then restart your computer.
please let me know if it works properly or if not i will show you how to
take care of this issue.

[ This posting is provided "AS IS";MSN will in no way be held responsible
for the free support provided during this session. Use At your own risk.]

Huh? Oh well, I guess we got the feature for free...wait a minute, we didn't.

If anyone has a definitely documented and supported fix from Microsoft for the MSN Photos Server problem, please let me know.


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