Monday, February 19, 2007

From Broccoli Spears to Britney Shears

If I lived in Hollywood, I'm not sure if I'd be that healthy either. Annika, who had a blog category called American Skankwoman, ended up lamenting this latest story.

[E]arlier last week [Spears] was reported checking into Eric Clapton’s Crossroads rehab clinic in Antigua before checking herself out 24 hours later.

She flew back to Los Angeles economy class on American Airlines and immediately drove to a hair salon and demanded that staff shave her head. When they refused, she picked up some clippers and did it herself.

She then drove over to the tattoo parlour where employee Emily Wynne-Hughes told local media yesterday that she was “highly agitated” and a “nightmare” to deal with. Spears was given a £50 set of red lips tattoos on her wrist. When asked about her new style, the singer told Hughes: “I don’t want anyone touching me. I’m tired of everyone touching me.”

Nervous breakdown?


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Jennifer said...

I feel sorry for Britney.